Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anne Taintor - I`m Becoming My Mother - MJF/Fine by arrangement with Chronicle, New York circa 2004

As you`ll appreciate, with 3,500 - 4,000 books in stock at any one time, it can be difficult to decide which to highlight in the blog.

Sometimes we include a particular title just because it makes us laugh. This is the case with number 4310 in our listings, Anne Taintor`s I`m Becoming My Mother*.

* Should anybody be interested, I myself am not becoming my mother - she`s quite capable of being herself  !

Janet Aylmer, Hugh Thomson - Darcy`s Story - Copperfield Books - New Illustrated Edition

Janet Aylmer is the author of In the Footsteps of Jane Austen, Julia and the Master of Morancourt, Sophie`s Salvation and others.

Her Darcy`s Story, first published in 1996, takes Jane Austen`s Pride and Prejudice as it`s starting point, but presents the story from Mr Darcy`s point of view, whilst aiming to remain faithful to the original tale and characters.

To judge by the 36 (!) reviews posted on Amazon, the book has divided Austen fans. A quick trawl through reader`s comments shows this all too clearly ; "Fantastic", "enchanting", "delightful" said some. "Disappointing" and even "dreadful" said others.

Personally, I think the author can take a quiet pride in the fact her book gets such strong responses - think how bad it would be if people had ignored it altogether or merely expressed indifference ! All I can suggest is that you read it and form your own opinions.

The New Illustrated edition first appeared in 1999 and our copy is a 2003 reprint of that edition.  The Hugh Thomson illustrations are taken from the 1894 Allen and Unwin edition.

Our copy can be found at number 4309 in our listings and is not expensive if anyone fancies giving the book a try.

Philippa Pearce, Helen Craig - A Finder`s Magic - Walker, 2008 1st Edition (First Edition)

At 4284 in our listings we have a first edition of Philippa Pearce`s book A Finder`s Magic, illustrated by Helen Craig.

I strongly suspect that this is one of those times when no additional comment from me is really necessary and, as they used to say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Accordingly, here are some images of the copy in question ;

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Lads, Lasses and Man`s Best Friend





(see also 2179, 2669, 3017, 3815)

More pearls from the East Midlands ;

Of interest to history buffs will be Sgt Eric Walton`s From Hepthorne Lane to Rangoon and Back Again, the story of how a coal miner`s son from Clay Cross came to be present when the Japanese agreed a cease fire in Burma. In addition to details of his wartime service, Eric Walton has interesting observations to make concerning his experience of civilian life, including a post-war career in the coal industry, under both private and public ownership.

Narvel Annable is noted for producing mysteries set in Derbyshire, but is also a writer of non-fiction, mostly (though not always) of a biographical and/or historical nature. 

The Wirksworth Creative Writers booklet is very typical of the self-published works  of local writers` groups up and down the country. At one time I was an avid reader of such things and I personally would say that the vast majority contain at least one undiscovered gem. Better value for money than the average bestseller.

Dennis McCarthy is a noted Nottinghamshire author, broadcaster and dog lover, who has collaborated with cartoonist Pete Dredge on more than one occasion. His works are always popular in the area and this account of life with an eccenric Irish Water Spaniel is no exception.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

More About Trains



Let`s linger amongst the locomotives once again, with these two items ;

1940  - A Fairclough - The Story of Cornwall`s Railways - Tor Mark, 1970

1951 - Stevens and others - Shackerstone Railway Society - SRS,  c. 1973

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Olivia C Aykin (Elaine Olivia Tinn) - Live a Little, Die A Little - 1988

The author served as a private in the Royal Auxiliary Service during World War Two, on attachment to the Royal Artillery.

Years later (1988 to be exact), having started a new life in Malta, she came to feel that insufficient attention had been paid to the role of women in the services during the period 1939 - 45. This scarce self-published volume is her contribution to addressing the balance.

Full details at number 4265 in our listings.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A must for adventurous whippet fans....

A lovely first edition copy of this true story of pensioners Terry and Monica, their narrowboat Phyllis May and Jim the reluctant whippet and their adventures across the English Channel, through Belgium and France to the Mediterranean.
With a charming illustrated dust jacket plus further smaller black and white drawings by Christopher Corr.
Price £4.95 ( + £3.21 UK 2nd class postage).
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Railwayana and Railway Ephemera

These recent additions to our stock will be of particular interest to railway enthusiasts and collectors of railway memorabilia.

The British Rail Eastern Region (Northern Area) Supplementary Operating Instructions from 1972 are at 4242 in our listings, while the British Rail Southern Region Supplement to the Electrified Lines Instructions is at 4243.

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If railway-related events are of interest to you, you may wish to see `Let`s Talk About Trains`, posted earlier today at .

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Gloria Morgan - Kinmers Lea - Callie-Co Books - Nottinghamshire - 2008

Born in London but now based in Nottinghamshire, author Gloria Morgan named her book after the original name of the North Notts town of Kimberley.

The book involves an unlikely pair of allies,  Edwin, an ordinary 12 year old boy and his ninety year old Gran. During the course of the book, the two become involved in events which combine the Battle of Hastings, a kidnapping plot and a wild ride to Nottingham Castle which takes place a century before the days of Robin Hood.

Copies of this admirable volume can be found at numbers 3068, 3261 and 4205, with the added bonus that 3261 and 4205 have been signed by the author.

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Brigadier Ethel Roberts - Lydia Longbone - Salvationist Publishing & Supplies- Undated (Salvation Army)

An interesting and unusual recent addition to our stock is The Home Life and Adventures of Lydia Longbone : Told in Letters From One School-Girl to Another by Ethel Roberts.

Published by Salvationist Publishing and Supplies, Ltd, and featuring an preface by the Salvation Army`s Commisioner Hitching, the book was obviously intended to promote the work of that organisation.

It is undated, but ther Commissioner`s preface was dated 1928. there is a Salvation Army
 presentation sticker at the front, possibly dated 1946. The problem with prize and presentation stickers is that often organisations laid in a supply of books for these purposes and sometimes did not issue them for some time, so that the date of publication is somewhat earlier than the presentation date. This book may well be a case in point as the pictorial hardcover and general style of the book would have been anachronistic for 1946.

The book is number 4237 in our listings and details can be found at , , and . Of course we are always happy to deal directly with customers who prefer that, and with that in mind our e-mail adress is .

It is unfortunate that the pictorial hardcover does not scan particularly well. More pictures are available on request, though.

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