Friday, 31 August 2012

News From Hoonaloon 31 August 2012

Our next monthly newsletter will be along shortly. In the meantime I just want to mention that a substantial portion of our stock is available now at dramatically discounted prices.

During our sale in July, we discounted all of the stock we were offering  for sale on ABE by 25%.

When the sale ended, we entered into an arrangement with ABE whereby those items that had been discounted as part of the sale continued to be offered at the discounted price, but new items added to our stock after the sale ended went online at the full price.

It`s no secret that retailers of all sorts are having to offer generous discounts to keep sales constant in these difficult economic times.

We are no exception to that, and for that reason, we are extending the arrangement we have with ABE until 15 Sept 2012 - all the stock that was discounted as part of the sale in July continues to be discounted, but items added after the sale ended are online at their full price.

Remember in most cases we only have one copy of each book  and once they`re gone they are in fact  gone, so grab yourself a bargain while stocks last. 

And don`t forget - Respect the Book !

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hoonaloon News August 2012


Our latest sale has now officially ended. However, as it was going well, we`ve come to an arrangement with ABE whereby all the books we still have that were reduced in the sale are still reduced, but all the new titles we add are going on at full price.

This will help us keep a constantly changing stock and also cater to current trends as it`s clear that book buyers are becoming more and more price-conscious. Understandable, in these troubled times.

We`ve not yet decided how long to continue with this arrangement, so buy now to avoid disappointment.


We continue to stock a comprehensive crime section. It may well be that you`ve caught one of Alexander McGregor`s appearances on TV documentaries and if so you may well be tempted to savour one of his literary offerings. The Law Killers is his most successful book to date and our copy can be found at 5191 in our listings. Browse our catalogue if you wish to discover the full range of murder and mayhem that we have to offer.

Old Sibthorpian Daniel Taylor began his journalistic career with the Newark and South Notts Advertiser before moving on to more esteemed periodicals. His passion for Nottingham Forest continues unabated and finds an outlet in this worthy tome, which you will find at 5187 in our listings.

This attractive volume is an antiquarian pocket-sized hardback edition of R L Stevenson`s Catriona and can be found at 5234 in our listings. Books of this sort were the ancestors of today`s paperback and were aimed at working people who wanted something stylish, affordable and durable they could slip into their pocket and take to work. Many have survived to the present day and they continue to be cheap, practical ways of  acquiring the literature of the past. More fun than a Kindle ! 

That`s all for now, bargain hunters. If you wish to keep up to date with our other activities and obssessions, fell free to visit and/or .

All the Best,

Nick and Ann-Marie Osmond
Hoonaloon Books