Thursday, 2 September 2010

Frank Hauser (poet), Peter MacKarell (illustrator) - Dinosaur Days - The Whittington Press - November 1975 - Limited Edition

I`m told Frank Hauser was for many years Director of Oxford Playhouse. More importantly, though, he wrote poems about dinosaurs !

This copy was part of a limited print run of 500 copies printed for Heal`s Books and Prints by The Whittington Press (there was a subsequent edition in 1976 which produced rather more copies).


As you`ll see, Peter MacKarell`s illustrations complement the poems excellently and expeditiously (if that`s the word I want).

Anyhow, as i often say, the best way to sell poetry is to provide a sample quote. This is my personal favourite ;

"Rest in peace, my dinosaur, rest your giant bones /  All too soon the men will come with cars and telephones / All too soon they`ll stumble on psychology and wars / All too late they`ll hamker for the days of dinosaurs."

Says it all, really ! Here`s another picture ;

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  1. I have a 1975 sighned copy of this book was wondering if it was worth anything