Thursday, 7 April 2011

Judith Veronica Lang - It`s Good Everywhere But Better Somewhere Else - Helikon Kiado

Here at Hoonaloon books we pride ourselves on our record as purveyors of the unusual and specialists in the off-beat.

One such instance is to be found at number 3898 in our listings. Veronic Lang`s book It`s Good Everywhere but Better Somewhere Else (Helikon Kiado) is thoroughly bilingual, being in both Hungarian and English.

A work of non-fiction, it looks at the subject of immigration into Hungary and is centred around 18 interviews. The interviewees are "those English, American, French, Italian and other nationals who didn`t come here because they have Hungarian blood, and not even in hopes of making a fast buck. So for what ? Their motivation is an exciting and never boring question mark."

 Respondents include Charles Dickens` great-great-grand-daughter, now a resident of Budapest.

This title is not currently showing up in our online listings, but should appear within the next 24 hours.


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