Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Collectable, Signed and Limited Editions




Here at Hoonaloon Books we have a comprehensive supply of signed books, limited editions, proof copies, small press and foreign editions.

Details of said titles can be found using the links provided and are pretty much guaranteed to fill you with surprise, delight and awe.

Here are three such titles from our listings ;

At 4416 we have `A Relation or Journal of the Beginnings or Proceedings of the English Plantation settled at Plimoth (sic) in New England 1620`, a limited, numbered edition ( 36 of 2050 ) reprint of the original document.

At 4417 we have Lord Graham of Edmonton`s `From Tyne to Thames`, reflections of a life dedicated to the Labour Party and to the Co-Operative movement. This is a signed copy and also an association copy, being signed with a view to it`s being presented to an individual with a long-standing involvement with the Co-operative movement in Derbyshire, probably on the occasion of their retirement.

At 4418 we have a numbered, limited edition (735 of 1,000) copy of Emily Diamand`s `Reaver`s Ransom`, signed by the author and complete with slipcase.

If anyone would like to see additional images of these books, there are some posted on our listings on ABE , or you can always contact us directly and we`ll happily provide some more.

As always, full details, price etc can be found using the links provided.

These are just a few of the more collectable titles amongst our total stock of around 4,000 books, so please feel free to browse our listings and we`re sure you`ll find something to interest you !

Any questions, just ask.

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