Thursday, 15 March 2012

News From Hoonaloon March 2012 # 1

Well, March is already upon us, and I think it`s time to pen another newsletter.

Here, as usual, are a few more samples from our stock.

I`ll keep comment from myself to a minimum, and concentrate on giving you images, author/title details and catalogue number as I`m only too aware that most of us lead rather busy lives  and don`t want a lot of extraneous material.

 Full decsriptions etc can be found in our ABE Books listings, and of course if you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask.  

At 1034 we have Robert Nye`s `Cricket`. Not a sports book as you might imagine, but a book of stories, illustrated by Shelley Freshman.

At 4815, we have J K P Edwards` `The Cleaning Supervisor`s Handbook`. Unlike the title above, this really is what it appears to be - a handbook for the supervisors of cleaning staff.

The name of Jesse Boot (of Boots the Chemist fame) and indeed that of author Chris Weir will be familiar to anyone with an interest in the history of Nottingham. At 4832 in our listings, Weir`s `Jesse Boot of Nottingham` is well-researched and readable as one would expect. A fascinating look at the life of the man whose business became a household name.

Keekok Lee`s `Warp and Weft ; Chinese Language and Culture` is at 4837 in our listings.

Apologies if this newsletter seems a bit perfunctory. As I say, if you have any questions, just get in touch.


Nick & Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon books

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