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Hoonaloon News October 2012

As usual, here are a few recent additions to our fine selection of worthy tomes ;

Mrs Robert Henrey (Madeleine Henrey, nee Madeleine Gal) was born on the northern outskirts of Paris, the daughter of a miner and his seamstress wife.  Her father died whilst she was in her teens and her mother decided to relocate to England.

Although Madeleine did write some fiction, she is best remembered for her largely autobiographical accounts of life in a small English town. Some of her early work was published under the name of her husband, Robert Henrey, and some under her own name, but she preferred to write as Mrs Robert Henrey as an acknowledgement of her husband`s help with editing etc.

She kept hens as a hobby and lived to be 97.

A copy of her She Who Pays can be found at 5387 in our listings.

Gladys Mitchell, who also wrote as Stephen Hockaby and Malcolm Torrie, was a `Golden Age` detective story writer best remembered for her Mrs Bradley stories.  A prolific wielder of pens, her mysteries were many and you can find out more at .

Her interests included Freud and witchcraft and she was a member of The Detection Club, The Crime Writers Association, The British Olympic Association, Middlesex Education Association, PEN and the Society of Authors. 

John Sawkins wrote Jangara ; A Novel of the Sudan after spending some years teaching in that country.
I understand that his novel addresses issues of colonialism and racism in a fair, undogmatic way. Unfortunately for the author, he is not the only John Sawkins to write books and it is difficult to be clear where one John Sawkins ends and the other begins.

Despite my almost total ignorance of his life and work, I decided to include his book in this month`s newsletter for no other reason than the fact that I like the cover.

I have posted details of other items from our stock at and  ,

or you can view the full 4,000 or so items we have at present by clicking here ; .

As ever, if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Respect the Book !

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