Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Hoonaloon News March 2013

This month we`re having a change of approach and taking a look at some of the pamphlets we have in stock.

There`s a lot to be said for the humble pamphlet. They`re normally cheap to produce and cheap to acquire. Within their pages all manner of views and attitudes can be encountered, and the format obliges their authors to express themselves with brevity.

Why waste your time and money on the outpourings of over-paid pundits ? The time is right to rummage in the pamphlet box. It`s contents are affordable, take up little space and don`t need to be fed.

Here are a few examples of the pamphleteers` art, currently in stock at Hoonaloon Books at very reasonable prices. 

5717 - Rudolf Steiner - The Change in the Path to Supersensible Knowledge - London, Anthroposophical Publishing Company - 1959

5720 - `A Barrister at Law` - Psychic Science ; What it Reveals - Hemel Hempstead, Needham - Undated

5723 - J N D Anderson OBE (Later Sir J N D Anderson) - The Evidence for the Resurrection - Inter Varsity Fellowship - 1954 (Reprint)

5752 - Chapman Cohen - Morality Without God - Pioneer Press/G W Foote and Co - Undated (in the `Pamphlets for the People` series)

So there you have it. Whether you lean towards Anderson`s Christianity, Cohen`s atheism, are a devotee of Steiner or share our anonymous barrister`s* interest in psychic phenomena, there`s something for you in one of these slender volumes. Buy, read and enjoy !


* I tried to find out the identity of our anonymous learned friend but withut any luck. If anyone knows this unknown author`s true identity, I`d be happy to hear from you, if only for curiosity`s sake.

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