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Hoonaloon News June/July 2013

After a rather more lengthy break than usual, here`s the latest Hoonaloon News, full of bits and bobs and odds and sods guaranteed to raise your spirits in these troubled and troubling times.

As regular readers of our online epistle will know, at any given time we have 4,000 - 5,000 titles in stock. All are physically present in the UK on our shelves - we don`t do drop-shipping or any variation thereof.

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Following on from that, here are a selection of recently acquired items you may wish to see. I have no real process for selecting which items to feature, though I do like to include a couple of lower price items.

At 5957 in our listings we have `Lion People ; Intercosmic Messages from the Future` by Murry Hope. Ms Hope, sometimes also known as Athene Williams, was a member of a group called The Atlanteans, described as a `spiritual and healing` group, but eventually departed their ranks citing differences between Christian members and others, like herself, who leaned more towards Paganism.

Prior to that, perhaps surprisingly, she had been involved with the Women`s Royal Air Force and the British Legion.

Her varied interests included Ancient Egypt and the Gaia movement.

If inter-cosmic message are not your thing, why not consider collecting old buttons ? It used to fashionable to sneer at this sort of thing (particularly among those who had no interests of their own !) but I like this charming little booklet, not least because author Primrose Peacock sounds like a character from a P G Wodehouse novel.

`Discovering Old Buttons` can be found at 5976 in our listings.

At 5987 we find Lawrence D Hills` `Fertility Finder ; The Good Plant Food Guide for Gardeners` (Henry Doubleday Research Association, undated).

This is a reprint  of a booklet previously entitled `The Sludge Guide` (Observer, 1961) and contains he authors` thoughts on such subjects as Sludge and How to Use It, Compost From the Council, Sludge Suppliers, Municipal Compost Suppliers and much else.

Tempting though it is to poke fun at this unusual item, we should hesitate before we dismiss it out of hand.

Lawrence D Hills was a founder of  the Henry Doubleday Research Association. He wrote many books and booklets on organic gardening and farming and was gardening correspondent for The Observer. 

Henry Doubleday himself was an English scientist and horticulturalist , not to be confused with his cousin, also named Henry Doubleday, who was a noted expert on insects and birds.

The Henry Doubleday Research Association still exists, though it is better known by it`s trading name, Garden Organic.  Its` activities range from an enquiry service for budding organic gardeners to projects promoting sustainable agriculture in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I had never heard of the HDRA until yesterday, but I like it already !

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That`s the current newsletter nearly done with except that I`d like to re-iterate, re-affirm and confirm that you can browse our full stock by clicking here ;

Our next newsletter will appear in due course, but in the meantime, I`d like to wish you all a month or so of  happy reading and don`t forget -

                                                           Respect the Book !

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