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Hoonaloon News - 16 March 2015

Following a long silence, we`re now able to bring you an update on our doings and dealings.

There have been a number of changes in the last six months.

The major one is that we are no longer a business that deals only in books. After a few false starts we have re-invented ourselves as Hoonaloon Collectables, dealers in books, badges, banknotes, tokens, first day covers and related items.

Following on from that we no longer trade on book trade sites such as ABE, Antiqbook and  Mare Libri. The reason is the obvious one,  that such sites are really geared up for the needs of sellers of books and related materials and not for those of us who need to list a variety of types of items.

We can be found here ;

Without more ado, here are a few of the items we are currently offering for sale on E-Bay ;

First up is this attractive Souvenir Sheet (also known as a miniature sheet) from India commemorating Rath Yatra Puri, a Hindu festival. We are not a specialist stamp dealer but do stock a range of First Day Covers and Souvenir Sheets from various parts of the world. Our intention with these is to provide a range of inexpensive items aimed primarily at those just starting a new collection. Most are attractive and many have historical interest in one way or another.

We also stock a range of badges, both military and non-military. One of the more interesting is the badge pictured above, which commemorates STS-44, a Space Shuttle Flight which took place in 1991.

 We have a few other badges with a space travel theme, and many originating with clubs and associations, whether that be Bowls Clubs, Trade Unions, Lions Clubs or others too numerous to mention.   

Given our background in the book trade it would be surprising if we didn`t have a range of book available. Our current stock includes a number of  signed books, proof copies and titles relating to the history of the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area.

A few of these are pictured below ;

John N Merrill - Sir Richard Arkwright of Cromford  
Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni - The Conch Bearer (proof copy)

                                                   John Winter - Legacy (signed copy)

All of these can be found in our online emporium by using this link ; .

That`s all for now,

Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Collectables

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