Monday, 8 June 2015

Hoonaloon News 8 June 2015 - More Banknotes and another Happy Customer

It`s always a good feeling when a customer gets in touch to express their appreciation, so we were glad to hear from Andy J, who had recently purchased some uncirculated banknotes for his collection.

Andy contacted us "to say how very very very very pleased I am with all the purchased notes. Very crisp, clean notes, efficient and excellent service. ". 

Contacted to ask if he minded being quoted he responded "I have no objection to you using me as a quote,  I was only telling the truth.".

Thanks to Andy for his generous comments and for his continued support.

That brings me to some banknotes we have recently added to our listings, a selection of which are  pictured here ;

In truth, uncirculated banknotes have been selling well recently, and this little top-up order of around 24 notes will be followed by further acquisitions soon so we can continue to provide collectors with the range of choice they want.

As always, visit us at   to see what else we have to offer.

Happy Collecting !

Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Collectables

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