Monday, 30 November 2015

One for the Exonumists

Exonumists are not badly spelt economists but are in fact collectors of exonumia . Usually that means tokens, though strictly speaking exonumia is a term referring to "numismatic items other than coins or paper money".  

I myself dabble in collecting tokens a bit and also buy and sell them as part of our business.

We will feature more of these items in the future but for the meantime here is a picture of some transport tokens issued by the Conestoga Transportation Company ;

`Conestoga` in this instance refers to a town in Pennsylvania.

As far as I can make out, collecting American transportation tokens is not  widespread amongst UK exonumists, certainly nowhere near as popular as, say, Co-op tokens, market tokens and the like. Still, they are do have a certain appeal.

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Happy Collecting !

Nick and Ann-Marie


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