Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Collecting Vintage Cheques

There are many things that people will collect. One of the less obvious choices is that of collecting vintage cheques. 

I collect too many things already but I can see the appeal of this. It`s an object that tells a story, a record of a transaction that took place between two parties in the past.

The cheques may be drawn on banks that no longer exist in that form. The account holders may be ( to pick a few random examples from past and present stock ) a historic brewery, a hospital, a firm of valuers or some other organisation. The firm concerned may have had their own cheques designed to highlight their company name.

The particular cheques in our picture are from a US bank, Bloomsburg Banking Company, and date from the nineteeenth century. We have nine of these, with four for sale singly and the remaining five available as a job lot.

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Happy Collecting,

Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Collectables 

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