Thursday, 16 December 2010

Travelling Through Time With Top Pop Scene

Let`s travel back in time with Top Pop Scene annual and re-live the heady days of the `70s rock, pop and soul scene.

That era seems to have acquired a reputation for badly-dressed rock bods playing enormously long, enormously dull live sets at massive venues. I`m more of a jazz and blues buff myself, but even I know that the `70s rock and pop was actually extremely varied in style and content.

This annual rather makes the point, with articles about artists as far apart as Peter Skellern, Yes, David Cassidy, Junior Campbell, The Who, Lynsey de Paul, The Osmonds, Roxy Music, the Temptations  and Osibisa (twenty bands are featured in all). 

It is, of course, desperately retro, but nothing wrong with that.

For full details, see the description at 3759 in our listings.

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