Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"Your Faithful Servant" - Admiral Blake and the English Civil War

We`ve already touched briefly on the English Civil War a couple of times*, but that needn`t stop us returning to the subject.

A recent addition to our stock is Your Faithful Servant, described as containing "insights into the life of the Cromwellian Navy from the letters, despatches and orders of Robert Blake, General at Sea". (The term `General at Sea` is a new one to me - did they have `Admirals on Land` ?)

The book is published by the Admiral Blake Museum at Bridgwater. The authorship is generally attributed to D J Sebborn (sometimes David Sebborn), but while his name does appear, this is not made entirely clear in the copy we have.

The English Civil War is an interesting period in history and well worth looking into. We`re happy to be able to offer two or three very affordable introductions to the subject**. As ever, use the links provided to search our stock.

* See `Colonel John Hutchinson and the Civil War in Nottingham`, Bookshelves and Brown Ale, 2 November 2010 and `George Courtauld, John Hutchinson...`, this blog 2 November 2010.

** Other items in our stock with a Civil War connection are ;

1883) Young - An Illustrated History of the Great Civil War 1642-1648 (Spurbooks)
2552) Plowden - The Women All on Fire (Sutton)
3697) Brown - A Guide to the Civil War in Nottinghamshire (Notts County Council)
3698) Unknown - The Civil War 1642-51  (Pitkin)

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