Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hoonaloon News November 2012

This month`s newsletter is a little later than usual, but normal service has been resumed !


The main news from us, of course, is that our last sale of 2012 is already underway, with a massive 30% discount on all the books we have on sale via ABE.

A complete list of books included in the sale can be viewed by clicking here - . The discount has already been applied, so all you have to do is make your selection and place your order.


Here are a couple of the more recent additions to our stock ;

5456 - E R Reilly (author), Janet Bates (Illustrator)  - Gnome Alone - Santiago Press - 2005

E R Reilly (Eamonn Reilly) is a Birmingham-based writer noted for his children`s books and work with schools. Janet Bates is one of a number of talented illustrators who have collaborated with him on different books (see .

Santiago Press is the author`s own publishing venture.

5467 James McLevy (author), David Black (illustrator) - The Casebook of a Victorian Detective - Canongate - 1975

James McLevy was a 19th century detective who wrote a number of books about his experiences policing the streets of Edinburgh.  This volume collects his accounts of a number of noteworthy cases he was involved in.

For more about McLevy, visit and/or .

Please note that this book contains Mclevy`s own accounts of his career as a Victorian detective and shouldn`t be confused with David Ashton`s more recent fictionalised accounts.

That`s all for now, but don`t forget - Respect the Book !

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