Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hoonaloon News December 2012

Time for the final newsletter of the year, so I`ll take this opportunity to send season`s greetings to you all.

The November sale on ABE (see previous entry) has now officially ended, but we have decided to leave the 30 % discount in place for a short time. This will mean that all the items (roughly 4,000 titles) that were discounted during the sale will continue to be discounted, but that new additions to our stock will be excluded from the offer.

We haven`t yet decided exactly when we will remove the discount, but not before 10 December 2012.

Those preliminaries accounted for, here are a few items we are currently offering for sale which we hope will attract, inspire, tempt and possibly even fascinate the discerning book buyer !

Philip E High (Philip Empson High) was a prolific English science fiction author, whose memory is kept alive, inter alia, by his family through their tribute site .
We have two books of his in stock,  Invader on my Back (see above) at number 5492 in our listings, and Speaking of Dinosaurs (see below) at 5493.
Anabel Donald`s Be Nice is a reworking of Lord of the Flies but with an all-female cast of characters. A review can be found here  ; .
An uncorrected proof copy of the book can be found in our listings at number 5494.
Changing the mood slightly, a copy of Helen Cresswell`s Pietro and the Mule can be found at number 5495 in our catalogue and is ably illustrated by Maureen Eckersley.  Another quality book for the younger reader from a deservedly popular author.
That`s all for now, except to remind you that you can see details of all the books we have on sale by clicking on this link ;
Once again, Season`s Greetings to all for the festive season, and remember - Respect the Book !

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